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Heat your horseshoes up to 1,100 °C with no fuel, no noise, no C0², with confidence.

Forgelec F1

The first electric forge designed for farriers

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Discover the Forgelec F1


Adjustable temperature

The Forgelec’s onboard electronics allow you to adjust the temperature within the furnace from 0 to 1,100 °C.


Power and speed

Providing 2,800 W of power, the Forgelec F1 reaches 750 °C in just 10 minutes and 1,000 °C in 20 minutes.



Completely silent, the Forgelec protects you from noise pollution and is ideal for the most nervous horses.


Safety and reliability

The Forgelec F1 complies with European electrical safety standards. Years of optimisation have helped ensure its reliability on any electrical installation.



Play a part in the environmental transition of our century by reducing your carbon footprint and fossil fuel consumption.



By reducing your costs on the purchase of coal or gas, you can save up to €800 per year.

They use the Forgelec

Laurent Nizou

I have participated in furnace tests since 2008. I am very happy with the cost savings, comfortable working conditions, silence... And my hair has grown back!

Jean-Charles Prommer

I have been using the Forgelec since it first came on the market. There were some teething problems but I appreciate its silence and adjustable temperature, in particular for aluminium shoes to around 380 °C. It is used very differently from a gas forge. A great find and congratulations to its manufacturer.

Olivier Rembert

The Forgelec is an excellent product that works well for me. Now that the reliability issues have been resolved, the savings in time and gas resulting from its daily use make this an almost essential tool in my van.

Stéphane Igouazi

I’ve had some difficulties over the past year with my Forgelec as the circuit burnt. However, it has provided me with a much more comfortable working environment (no noise, cooler workshop in summer). Forgelec’s after-sales service were very responsive and replaced my old forge with a new one when it was out of warranty! I now work with 2 Forgelecs so that I have a spare one in case of maintenance and so that I don’t have to go without.

Denis Leveillard

I’ve had a Forgelec since 2008. It was one of the first models which I was very happy with until the roof of the furnace collapsed. The after-sales service have promised to replace it. This forge is very comfortable for adjustment and restoration work but it is a bit slow to heat up when used as an actual “forge” itself. The silence and gas savings are its two greatest assets.

Erwan Ihlen

The Forgelec makes my work more comfortable as there is no more noise from the gas forge or refractory ceramic dust emissions in the lungs. Furthermore, I’m no longer running round after hot irons as they can be heated to a constant temperature for as long as I want without it costing me a penny or burning the horseshoe. Bliss!

Your questions


Is this a profitable investment?

The cost of purchasing a Forgelec is repaid in less than 2 years. On average, a farrier consumes around €1,200 of gas per year. The amount of electrical energy required to shoe a horse is half that of gas. Even accounting for all of your electricity consumption, you will save more than €800 a year!


What is the lifespan of a Forgelec F1?

The Forgelec F1 is guaranteed for 2 years excluding consumables. The only parts prone to wear and tear are the heating block, insulators and temperature probe. These two parts have a lifespan of 2 and 5 years respectively for normal use. You can order them on our website and they are designed to be easily replaced with a simple screwdriver.<!-- More informations <a href=''>here</a>.-->


How do I keep my Forgelec for as long as possible?

A Forgelec requires more attention than a gas forge. Used carefully, it will last you many years. For example, we recommend that you avoid heating the device to over 1,000°C too often. This is because the hotter the resistor, the more quickly it wears. In addition, we advise you not to place your Forgelec in a trailer. If it is placed in a vehicle, you should wait until the resistors have cooled down (around 600 °C) before driving. When hot, significant jolts and bumps deform the resistor and cause premature wear of the heating block.


Does the Forgelec need time to heat up?

The Forgelec reaches 1,000 °C in 20 minutes. Once hot, it only takes 5 minutes to heat 4 steel shoes until they are red hot. To save time, we advise you to carry out your preparatory work while the device is heating up. As the Forgelec has an adjustable thermostat, it is ideal for heating aluminium shoes!

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